Greetings and happy Independence Day!

This is my first post on so I thought I would start by sharing why I value the West Ashley Greenway (and Bikeway). I moved to West Ashley about 18 months ago and have been enjoying the Greenway regularly since then. For me, getting out on the Greenway is a wonderful way to unwind after work. It is where I go for exercise and refuge from screentime. On the eastern end of the Greenway, I enjoy sharing a smile with my neighbors and familiar strangers as we pass. If I’m up for a longer journey, the western end of the Greenway rewards the extra effort with lovely views of the marsh. I mark the seasons by the changing flora in the backyards along the Greenway, the birds that provide the Greenway’s soundtrack, and the crops in the Coastal Research and Education Center Farm, as well as the flock of Great Egrets that roost there in the Spring. Higgins Pier at the northeast end of the Bikeway, with views across the Ashley River toward the peninsula, is one of my favorite spots.

There are also changes on the horizon. As part of the West Ashley revitalization efforts, the City has proposed playgrounds, more water fountains, and art installations. There is a major drainage project that has closed part the Bikeway for the past few months but will hopefully result in improvements to a section of the Bikeway that had fallen into disrepair. There is also the proposal to connect the Greenway to a bikelane across the Ashley River, providing safe bike and pedestrian-friendly way to cross the Ashley River.

I know that the West Ashley Greenway and Bikeway is not everything to everybody, but to me it is a gem and I hope you enjoy it too. See you out there!


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